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Meet Harley.....

If you have ever had a pet that was like a member of the family, then you will understand our heart-wrenching predicament. Our beloved Harley is 18 months old, full of boundless energy and love of life. He is a constant companion, even accompanying me to work at the Advanced RV Park in Houston. He loves meeting new people and complete strangers fall in love with him the moment they meet. Harley is a rescue but, truth be told, he rescued us by providing unconditional love and companionship. He has been a joy since day one.

Imagine our worry when we first noticed something was wrong. In spite of his happy disposition, it became clear that Harley was hurting. A veterinarian told us that Harley has bilateral CCL ruptures in both knees and elbow dyspepsia in his forelimbs. His simple pleasures are no more. He cannot run, play ball, or go on the long walks that he so loved. It is obvious that even sitting is painful for Harley and to watch him struggle to stand is heart-breaking.

The doctor says he can fix Harley but it will require multiple, expensive surgeries. Yes, some pet owners may say we should let Harley go... but if you ever had the pleasure to meet him you would understand why it's simply not an option. Our family finances are always tight but, unfortunately, recent and unexpected expenses have put us in a horrible bind. The thought of euthanizing Harley simply because we cannot afford the surgeries is devastating to our family. In addition to my day job, I have been selling items from our household on eBay to try and raise funds but it's not enough. I pray that other pet owners will hear our story and understand.

Please help us to help Harley. Every donation matters, no matter how small. Here's how:

Make a gift at: http://www.gofundme.com/4m21sw

Make a "Best Offer" or "Buy it Now" at : my ebay store http://stores.ebay.com/Penelopes-Pitshoppe

I am adding new items daily! Friends have donated and consigned items already!! Thank you!

Gift an item or fund the Harley Project and send it to:

Advanced RV Resort
C/O The Harley Project
2850 S Sam Houston Pkwy E
Houston, Texas 77047

Thank you, Harley and Penny